About Us

There is something so beautiful about kayaking, and exploring new places via rivers. There are so many beautiful locations to see in America, and kayaking is a great water sport to try. While it is a fun extreme sport, it is something that can be enjoyed by the whole family too.

Hi, my name is Corey. I have a passion and love for kayaking and traveling.

There really is nothing better than traveling across the United States to new and breathtaking areas to kayak. It is something I love to do during my days off work, and it is great to get out on the rivers to enjoy the peacefulness of nature. The faster, more challenging rivers are also great fun.

As I love kayaking so much, I decided to share my passion with others online. While I enjoyed sharing photos on social media, I wanted to create a space online where I could share my thoughts and opinions on different kayaks, and brands. This is why I have decided to set up this blog.

Through this blog, I hope to encourage others to try kayaking out for themselves. I hope to provide you with reviews of the best equipment to use, and provide you with the ultimate kayaking guide. This blog provides all of the hints and tips I have picked up over the last few years. 

Kayaking in a river among the trees and reeds