The 8 Best Accessories for Fishing Kayaks

Both beginners and experts understand that to be successful, you need the best accessories for fishing kayaks; however, this doesn’t mean you have to purchase all your kayak fishing accessories simultaneously.

This article will highlight the best accessories for fishing kayaks, highlighting the essentials and those you can get later on. Let’s begin!

Best Marine Kayak Anchor – Best Anchor for Kayak Fishing in Shallow Waters/Choppy Conditions

one of the best accessories for fishing kayaks is this marine kayak folding anchor with 40ft marine rope & storage bag

Every kayak fisherman understands that fishing and anchoring can be an issue since the fish always seems to get wrapped up in the anchor rope. Fortunately, if you have a trolling motor with the spot-lock feature, you never have to worry about this.

And if you enjoy fishing in shallow waters, the last thing you want to do is to have your kayak fishing gear scare the fish away by stirring up the water.

This is where the Best Marine Kayak Anchor stands out. It is a quiet anchor designed not to stir the bottom up. It is completely rock-rigged to ensure it doesn’t get stuck underneath branches or rocks. The rope is connected to a shackle at the bottom of the anchor and is then zip-tied to the top.

This ensures that if your anchor is stuck for whatever reason, you can pull hard to snap the zip tie, enabling you to pull your anchor up. If you love kayak fishing in currents or the wind, you will see significant improvements in catching fish by anchoring.

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Taruor Kayak PVC Outriggers – Best Outriggers

taruor kayak pvc inflatable outriggers isolated on white background

If your kayak is unstable for you to fish on, you might need to get a new fishing kayak. However, if a fishing kayak is simply out of your budget, you can always get kayak outriggers to provide the required stabilization. The Taruor kayak outriggers are some of the best accessories for fishing to have.

They are a great choice as they are durable and can be seamlessly removed for transport, ensuring you get years of use from these fishing kayak accessories. They have been designed to transform an unstable kayak into a stable one, so much so that you can actually stand and fish from it.

The best kayak is one that has stability as one of its most essential safety features. While you don’t have to stand on a kayak to fish from it, fishing from a stable kayak enables you to keep your expensive fishing gear closer, saving you from potential mishaps. You really can’t go wrong with these outriggers.

Speaking of the best kayak, find out more about the best sit-on-top kayaks you can buy for fishing.

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Motorguide Xi3 – Best Trolling Motor for Fishing Kayaks

motorguide xi3 trolling motor for fishing kayak

If you get tired of paddling or want to make your kayak fishing sessions slightly more straightforward, the best bet is to add a trolling motor. For the best results you’ll need a something like a short-staff 12-volt trolling motor, and the Motorguide Xi3 is the perfect one for you.

The Xi3 has a GPS anchor lock and a short 36-inch shaft. It can also run off a 12-volt battery making it one of the best motors for your kayak. One thing it doesn’t excel at is the ability to remain in one place as it lacks a spot-lock feature. Without that feature, it is much more difficult to fish areas thoroughly.

Thankfully the Xi3 comes with a lot of power, so you don’t have to worry about wind drift. It is available in 3 configurations: Freshwater, Freshwater +GPS, and Saltwater.

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Garmin Striker 4 – Best Kayak Fish Finder

garmin 010 01550 00 striker 4 with transducer isolated on white background

If you are a purist when it comes to catching fish, you might not be interested in a kayak fish finder. Some might say it is much better to learn how to fish without one first. That way, you can learn how to feel for the bottom using your lure and read the land to know what the bottom looks like. All of this ensures that you aren’t too dependent on your electronics, even though we have to admit a fish finder really is one of the best accessories for fishing kayaks.

However, that is just one school of thought. If we’re out on the lake fishing, we’re always tempted to have all the accessories for our kayak that helps ensure we catch the most fish. With that in mind, we’re probably going to make sure our Garmin Striker 4 is on the boat. It comes with all the features a kayak fisherman needs, such as an intuitive keypad.

It also comes with a transducer that can efficiently and quickly identify the location of your fish. This helps you skirt around any school of fish, dropping your line int he water right nearby before they even have the opportunity to get away.

You also get a GPS that helps you store your favorite fishing spots, so you never have to return to shore empty-handed even if a few big fish get away from you out there on the water.

Want something that offers you more than what the Striker 4 does? Discover the best kayak fish finder for you.

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KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rod – Best Kayak Fishing Rod

kastking blackhawk II telescopic fishing rod isolated on white background

As a kayak fisherman, your primary tool is going to be your fishing rod. While it is technically not impossible to fish without one, having one makes fishing from a kayak a lot less challenging. I mean, you’re not too likely to have a fish just jump right in your net!

While you can use just about any fishing rod, to get the best out of your fishing session you’ll want to use a fishing rod that’s optimally designed for catching fish on a kayak. And that is where the KastKing Blackhawk II comes in.

It is a telescopic fishing rod, designed with a shorter handle to ensure that it doesn’t get caught on your life vest when casting or fighting fish. Nevertheless, the handle is still sufficiently long to provide you with the required leverage for reeling those big fish you’re always telling stories about.

The lightweight rod is constructed from carbon matric using a telescopic 6-piece. It’s available in 12 different actions and lengths, in both casting rod and travel spinning models.

This fishing rod’s construction uses high-quality components, including graphite reel seats, stainless steel line guides, and comfortable EVA handles. It’s a seriously impressive piece of hardware.

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AQUAGLIDE Crux Kayak Paddle – Best Kayak Fishing Paddles

aquaglide crux kayak paddle isolated on white background

As a kayak fisherman, the one thing you absolutely need to have is a paddle. While drifting wherever the waves take you isn’t that bad, it doesn’t get you to the best fishing location. Even if you decide to fit a trolling motor on your kayak, you still need a paddle to get things moving initially.

The Aquaglide Crux kayak paddle has been designed for every kayak angler, ensuring you can get to your favorite fishing spot. Thanks to its carbon fiber construction, it’s also super lightweight. This helps to make sure you don’t become fatigued while paddling. You need to save some energy for hauling in those massive fish, right?

The blade is constructed from glass-reinforced nylon, and the shaft is constructed from fiberglass. You should note that this kayak is available non-adjustable sizes, so you must ensure that it fits your measurements.

The best way to select an appropriately-sized paddle is to know the seat height and width of your kayak as well as your height. A general rule of thumb is that the taller you are, the higher your kayak seat, and the wider the kayak, the longer the paddle you need. Ensure you stick to this metric to get the right kayak fishing paddles.

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Dakota Lithium 12-Volt 100Ah – Best Battery for Kayaks

dakota lithium 12v 100ah deep cycle battery isolated on white background

You might not think a battery is one of the best accessories for fishing kayaks, but if you have a trolling motor or other electronic kayak fishing accessories like the best kayak fish finder as part of your equipment, you will definitely need a battery capable of handling your power needs. That battery is the Dakota Lithium battery, and it ranks as one of the best kayak fishing accessories a kayak fisherman can bring along.

Not only is it lightweight, but it is also powerful and efficient. As a lithium battery, it is much better than a Lead-Acid battery, mainly since a kayak is pretty limited in space and you want to keep things pretty light in the boat. Choosing a lead battery could mean that your kayak is over its weight limit, causing it to become unstable.

The Dakota Lithium 12-volt has 100Ah, which is just enough power to control your fish finder and trolling motor board. And if you haven’t bout the boat yet, you might want to check out the best fishing kayak with motor.

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Onyx Kayak Fishing Life Jacket – Best PFD

onyx kayak fishing life jacket isolated on white background

If there is one thing you never leave the shore without as a kayak angler, it is a personal floation device (PFD). A lifejacket can help save your life if you happen to find yourself outside your boat and in the water. Considering you will wear it all through your kayak fishing sessions, it must be comfortable and safe. It also has to enable you to fish and paddle, making it truly one of the best accessories for fishing kayaks.

This is precisely what the Onyx Kayak fishing life jacket offers; that is why it is ranked the best kayak fishing PFD. This PFD has been created for kayak anglers, so it comes with a high foam back design, coupled with accessible pockets for small items such as your phone, pliers, and a small tackle box.

Thanks to the open design, you don’t have to worry about this lifejacket interfering with your fishing or paddling. Another positive about this lifejacket is that it comes in two sizes: universal and oversize; this ensures that there is always a size to suit your body shape. Furthermore, at only 1.4 pounds, it is sufficiently light to prevent fatigue.

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