The Best Sit on Top Fishing Kayak – Our Top Picks

Sit on top fishing kayaks are easy to use, stable, and cheap. This makes them quite ideal for recreational and beginner paddlers. There is a wide range of sit on top fishing kayak models out there, so much so that it can be challenging to find the one that best suits you and your needs.

In this kayak review, All About Rivers will highlight the best fishing kayak out there. Let’s begin!

Perception Tribe 9.5 Sit on Top Kayak – Best Kayak for All Around Fun

perception tribe 9.5 sit on top kayak for all around fun isolated on white background

This Perception Tribe 9.5 Sit on top kayak has been created with the Tribe philosophy of providing ultra-stability while being playful and quick. This sit on top fishing kayak is great for any kayak angler, irrespective of their skill level. This kayak makes navigating flat water easy while ensuring you are comfortable for your entire fishing session.

To this end, the Tribe 9.5 has a thick, ventilated, ergonomic padding coupled with an adjustable seat back. The kayak is constructed using Perception’s patented one-piece roto molded polymer. This construction ensures superior impact, abrasion, and UV resistance.

It weighs 46 pounds and can carry a maximum capacity of 300 pounds, making it a great kayak for those who want something to carry all their fishing gear. This kayak has rugged side handles to make transport easy. Its included bungee cord lashes help to secure gear for any size or shape.

You also get large rear and front open storage for coolers and fishing gear. The Perception Tribe 9.5 has various footrest options to accommodate paddlers of all sizes.

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BKC UH-RA220 11.6 Foot Angler – Best Pedal Drive Kayak

bkc uh ra220 11.6 foot angler sit on top fishing kayak

This fishing kayak from the Brooklyn Kayak Company comes with everything an angler needs in the best kayak. This kayak comes with an ergonomic aluminum frame, pedal-operated rudder, adjustable aluminum paddle, two flush mount fishing rod holders, three waterproof hatches, two paddle parks, and a single bungee cargo tie-down.

This configuration ensures you can take all your fishing gear with you on your next trip.

The UH-RA220 has been created to provide stability, which is apparent with its use of roto-molded single-piece high-density polyethylene. This ensures this fishing kayak is superior to inflatable fishing kayaks. It also ensures that it can be labeled an ocean kayak while still being capable on a river, lake, or other open water areas.

This Brooklyn Kayak Company fishing kayak can support up to 550 pounds making it the perfect pedal kayak for anglers with a lot of gear. The kayak has been constructed to remain stable even in swift currents and choppy waters due to its 34-inch beam. It is also stable enough for you to stand while casting and reeling.

The BCK UH-RA220 comes with twin flush-mount fishing rod holders and a single articulating rod holder, making it possible for you to deploy multiple lines simultaneously. It also means you can keep your rods out of the way while paddling.

Speaking of paddling, this is a pedal drive kayak with a foot pedal-operated rudder providing ultimate control in any water condition. It also helps you steer through chops or obstacles without additional paddle steering.

There are three watertight storage hatches for you to keep your valuables dry. The UH-RA220 has a large cargo area and ample waterproof storage to ensure you can pack enough fishing gear for your multiple-day adventures. The rear cargo space has a bungee cord to keep all your outdoor and fishing gear from moving.

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BKCPK11 Solo Sit on Top Fishing Kayak With Trolling Motor – Best Sit on Top Fishing Kayak With Motor

bkcpk11 solo sit on top fishing kayak with trolling motor

The Brooklyn Kayak Company PK11 is a single fishing kayak that has two ways to cruise. As a kayak angler, you can move through the water using your included paddle or use the built-in trolling motor for cruising over the water effortlessly. This ensures you are always on the move without having to strain your arms.

The PK 11 has a streamlined, UV-protected, and roto-molded HDPE hull which measures around 10 and a half feet long and 34 inches wide. These measurements provide an ideal ratio for speed and stability. This enables this sit on top fishing kayak to slide over still water, ride the current with grace or cut through choppy water.

Considering that it has a trolling motor, this recreational kayak weighs just 68 pounds, making it one of the lightest sit on top fishing kayaks with a motor. Portability is enhanced due to the inbuilt handles located on the hull’s sides or stern and bow.

Steering is easy thanks to the hand-operated rudder that lets you navigate your way around the docks on the river. It also means that you can make quick turns to chase any fish putting up a fight.

Speaking of fishing, your fishing rods are held in place thanks to the flush mount rod holders. More than one also means you have multiple lines in the water simultaneously. Your fishing gear can be secured down using bungees in the rear cargo space or stashed in two different waterproof hatches. The rear cargo space is large enough to keep a dry bag or a cooler.

Speaking of fishing gear, the most effective way to catch fish is to have the best kayak fish finder.

The PK 11 is a steady and stable hull that can accommodate fishing gear and a bodyweight of up to 420 pounds. This maximum weight capacity can resist tipping even in extremely tough water conditions. The Brooklyn Kayak Company PK11 is a great fishing kayak for multiday adventures and can also double as an ocean kayak.

The scupper holes on this recreational kayak ensure that you can rapidly drain any water on board. The seat is adjustable and ergonomic, rising above the hull to ensure you remain comfortable and dry as you glide through the water.

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Perception Pescador 12 Sit on Top Fishing Kayak – Best Sit on Top Fishing Kayak

perception pescador 12 sit on top fishing kayak with front storage well

The Perception Pescador 12 is one of the best sit on top fishing kayaks out there. It is a pedal kayak that has been designed to be versatile, which is why it is popular as a fishing and recreational kayak.

It provides extreme stability to remain dry even in the choppiest of waters. This 12-foot kayak has a 375 pounds maximum capacity, ensuring enough room for you and your fishing gear. Compared to the Pescador Pro, this additional length adds more stability, storage, and speed.

You also get multiple storage options, an extremely comfortable seat, and fishing-ready features that will keep you out on the water for much longer. The patent Comfort Seating System ensures the seat has an adjustable seat back and thick ventilated padding to provide superior comfort, fit and support.

You also get maximum storage that any kayak angler is sure to love. The rear open storage area has a bungee cord to store your fishing gear securely. You also get two molded-in rod holders that provide hands-free storage while you paddle.

The storage area has gear tracks to help you add accessories without drilling holes. The front compartment is a dry storage space with a large, hinged hatch to provide easy access. The Pescador 12 has adjustable footrests to accommodate kayakers of all sizes.

Since this sit on top fishing kayak is a 12-footer, it weighs 64 pounds, which can be a lot for some people to move around. Thankfully, it has an easily replaceable skid plate that lets you drag this sit on top fishing kayak without worrying about damaging it.

In terms of comfort, safety, and durability, the Perception Pescador 12 sit on top fishing kayak stands out by including high-end features such as ergonomic seating that can appeal to every paddler.

Safety is also paramount as it has been constructed sufficiently wide to provide stability while still being sleek enough to glide through the water. The Pescador offers the right balance of performance and fun; whether you take the kayak fishing or cruising, its straight-tracking, easy-paddling, and fast-turning design ensure that beginners can quickly gain confidence.

As with all kayaks in the Perception line, the Pescador has been designed for optimized weight and maximum durability. This is possible thanks to the one-piece roto-molded construction and use of high-density polyethylene to create a sit on top fishing kayak that is abrasion, impact, and UV resistant.

The Pescador is an ocean kayak thanks to its saltwater optimized finishes and hardware. This ensures you can take this recreational kayak to just about anywhere and in any water condition with the best fishing kayak accessories along for the ride.

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The Perception Pescador 12 ranks as the best sit on top fishing kayak on this list. It offers a reasonably priced introduction to kayaking that beginners will love and has the features and performance experienced kayak anglers will love.

If you want a sit on top fishing kayak with a motor, then the BKCPK11 is the choice for you. It comes with a trolling motor, and the entire boat weighs just 68 pounds. If none of the above kayaks look like the one for you, take a look at the Sun Dolphin fishing kayak.

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