Best Beginner Kayak Paddle

If you are shopping for a kayak, your mind might be taken up completely with how the board is going to feel and sit in the water, but one thing you might be overlooking is the fact that you’ll need a pretty sturdy paddle. This item is definitely as important as the kayak you’ll be riding in.

The paddle will be the thing that will give you complete control over the boat that you’re riding. If you suddenly find yourself getting swept down the rapids, then you can be certain that your paddle will be what will help you swim to the shore to safety.

So having something strong and durable will be very important.

Some of the most durable paddles are the ones that are made from carbon fiber and aluminum. The river water can be quite strong, so you’ll need something that will keep you rigid in the water.

You’ll also want paddles with a wide surface that are made from materials that will be able to withstand whitewater, while others will be better for touring kayaks.

So where can you find the best paddles for beginners? What materials do these paddles need to be made from to ensure that you have a smooth ride from one end of the river to the other?

What are the best features that you need to have from a paddle to give you that amazing ride? How much will you have to pay for a decent paddle?

Well, if you want to make sure that you are safe and in control of your kayak and want a paddle that will help you out of a tricky situation, then we would suggest that you keep reading.

We have compiled a list of the best beginner paddles that you can find on the market, along with a buyer’s guide to help you determine the best features.


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This first kayak paddle is one of the most popular that we have on this list, with thousands of reviews complementing the build quality and the design.

This has a serrated double-teeth design that will make sure that you have everything that you need for smooth cruising through the roughest of waters - introducing the Overmont Kayak Paddle.

This comes with a very strong aluminum shaft that you can be sure will give you everything that you need for a decent hold.

It comes with three different locking positions, making it one of the best paddles that you can adapt to the size of kayak that you’ll be paddling in.


  • This comes in a two-piece design that you can collapse and store very easily in the trunk of your car or your garage.
  • This is great for beginners as it is so simple to put together and so versatile to use. We would recommend having the lowest setting to begin with.
  • This comes in 3 locking positions that will give you everything that you need for a dynamic and secure swimming experience.
  • This also comes with a leash that you can use to keep yourself tethered to your paddle, which will come in handy when you are out on the water.


  • This paddle might be a little too flimsy for hardcore fishers and kayakers who might feel more secure with a carbon fiber paddle.


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This next paddle really amps up the level of technology that you can use, with a featherlight design that will glide effortlessly through the water.

You can break this one down into two pieces, making it another great paddle for storage. This comes with wide paddles with serrated teeth to aid smoothness through the water - introducing the Best Marine Kayak Paddle.

This paddle will feel very natural in your hands to use, it will have great dynamics in the whitewater, which is great if you are just starting to get more adventurous with your kayaking.

However, if you are a complete newbie, then this paddle will also really help you when you are out on the water.


  • This is one of the lightest paddles that you can use when you are out on the water. You can simply glide through the water with this paddle.
  • The aluminum shaft in the middle is very durable, giving you everything that you need to have a solid swim through the water.
  • If you are not used to negotiating your way through the rivers or streams, then this paddle will give you a very secure hold.
  • If you want to save yourself on space, then this model will collapse into separate pieces, which is great if you have very little living space.


  • The price - this is one of the more expensive kayak paddles, you might find yourself shelling out a few hundred dollars on this one.


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Next up we have an extra long paddle that is very lightweight and will give you a sturdy and controlled paddle through any type of water scenario.

This comes with a carbon fiber shaft, which is one of the strongest yet most lightweight materials that you can find on the market- introducing the Oceanbroad Kayak Paddle.

This kayak paddle comes with a fiberglass pad at each end that will be very durable and flexible when moving through the water.

This paddle is also entirely resistant to UV, which makes them perfect if you are going out paddling for long sunny sessions.

UV rays can often damage the integrity of your kayak and its accessories, so it’s good for you to have this level of protection.


  • This paddle comes with a free paddle leash, so you can be sure that your oars will not get lost in the whitewash, even during the harshest of waves.
  • This carbon fiber and fiberglass composition is a winning combination - you can be sure of complete durability and great protection when you are in the water.
  • This has a very resilient carbon fiber shaft that will give you everything that you need when it comes to whitewater rapids.
  • This is very flexible and will move through the water very well - this is great if you are just starting out on the waves and you want that complete stability.


  • This might be a little unwieldy if you are going out on the water for the first time. You should only buy this one if you have tried out your kayak first.


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Next up, we have a kayak that will really help you out if you are taking your boat out fishing. This comes with a taupe measure built into the shaft so that you can measure your catch.

Pretty neat, huh? However, this paddle is all gimmicks, it also comes with a solid carbon fiber shaft that you can be sure will withstand most waves - introducing the Bending Branches Angler Ace plus Telescoping 2-Piece Kayak Fishing Paddle.

This paddle comes with reinforced fiberglass in the pads that will allow you for smooth and flexible driving through any type of water.

If you are thinking of just cruising on still water, then this paddle will be more than able to handle the situation. This also comes with a hook retrieval line that will help you drag your fishing reel out of the water.


  • This paddle is one that is perfectly adapted for fishing, so if that’s what you like to use your kayak for, then this is the ideal model for you.
  • This has an ergonomic and telescopic construction, giving you everything that you’ll need for a solid swimming experience.
  • Lightweight and very easy to handle, this is great for beginners that are looking to get out on the still waters.
  • This comes with a hook arrival notch that you can use to get your fishing hook out of the water. This is a great unit for fishing a larger catch out of the water.


  • This is another more expensive paddle, so if you are looking to cut costs, then you can find a cheap paddle with all the same top-end features.


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This next paddle comes with an alloy shaft that is corrosion resistant that will certainly enhance its longevity when you are out on the water.

This alloy is very lightweight and will give you everything that you need to keep your kayak stable and wobble-free - introducing the Wonitago Kayak Paddle.

This paddle is specifically targeted at newbie paddlers, with a shaft design that is very easy to handle when you are out on the water.

This will add power to your stroke, with paddles that will allow you to flutter in the water, which is what you’ll need to have that ultimate steering control.


  • This paddle can be separated into two, giving you all the portability that you’ll need.
  • You can store this one in your garage or the boot of your car, as it separates into two pieces.
  • This will give the stroke of your paddle intense power, which is great if you are paddling against the current.
  • This is made from a very lightweight composition, making it easy to carry along with your kayak.


  • Some users of this paddle have claimed that the shaft of this model gets damaged very easily, which means that it does not last as long as it is stated.

Best Beginner Kayak Paddles Buying Guide

If you are going to be buying a paddle for the first time, there are a few different features that you’ll be looking for:

Best Beginner Kayak Paddle

How Durable Is It?

Having a durable paddle is one of the most important things that you’ll need when you are out on the water. Paddling can often be very hard-wearing on your paddle, so you’ll want something very sturdy so that you can withstand the pressure delivered onto your paddle by the rushing waters.

We would recommend that you get a paddle made from carbon fiber or alloy, as this will be able to withstand the force of the water and give you greater control over your kayak.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you are new to the hobby of kayaking, then you’ll probably already be aware of how pricey the whole affair can be. One way of keeping the costs of all your gear down is finding a cheaper paddle.

Best Beginner Kayak Paddles - FAQ's

What Are The Different Types Of Paddles?

You can either get a paddle with a bend in the shaft or a straight shaft. The bent option will give you the ability to be able to grip the handles in a more ergonomic way.

Newbie kayakers have stated that they find the bent shafts much easier to cut through the water and puts less strain on their wrists.

What Is The Difference Between Feathered And Matched Paddles?

Feathered paddles are those that have marks and grooves in them that are designed to help them match the shape of the water. The matched paddles are the same and move with the shape of the water.

The feathered option might be too difficult for beginners to handle, as they are designed to cope with more complex waters.

What Other Features Do Paddles Have?

Paddles have plenty of other features that help them in the water:

  • Drip rings - these are meant to stop the water from running down the shaft of your paddle and onto your hands.
  • Paddle face - these are the petal-shaped items at the end of your paddle and they are either concave or convex, to help with water runoff.

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