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Kayaking is a really fun hobby that allows you to explore the great outdoors, take in beautiful scenery, get close to nature, all while keeping fit. It’s suitable for families, couples, or as a solo activity.  

Kayaking is becoming more and more popular. With a wide range of good quality, reasonably priced inflatable kayaks flooding the market it is now more affordable than ever! Inflatable kayaks are also more portable and easier to store, allowing more people to get involved with this fun pastime. 

But with so many different products available, it can be overwhelming. How do you know which inflatable kayak is right for you and will meet your needs? To make things easier for you, we have put together a list of the best inflatable kayaks and information on how to choose the right one. 


Intex Challenger K1 Kayak 274x76x38cm

The Intex challenger is a durable but nimble one person kayak made from heavy duty puncture resistant vinyl. The two separate air chambers provide extra protection in case of a puncture, and the inflatable I-beam floors add stability to the kayak.

There is a removable skeg which provides excellent directional movement and reduces the amount that you have to paddle. 

This kayak is also very comfortable. The cockpit has maximised space with plenty of legroom. There is even space for a medium sized dog to join you on your adventure! The inflatable seat has a backrest and there is a cargo net to store your extra gear. 

With grab line on both ends of the kayak you will feel nice and safe as you paddle along the river or across the lake. 

This kayak comes with an 84 inch aluminum oar, a repair patch and high output manual hand pump. It measures 30inches by 15inches by 108 inches and weighs 27.2 pounds. It has a maximum capacity of 220 pounds. The design is sleek with attractive green and blue colors. 


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This kayak is hard-wearing with 21-gauge PVC construction and a tarpaulin bottom that provides extra protection from punctures. There are multiple air chambers, so if one gets punctured you will still stay afloat.  

It is easy to carry when deflated, and the backpack system turns into a seat once inflated. It only takes 5 minutes to set up which means you can spend more time having fun, and the double lock valves make inflation and deflation much easier. 

There is a backrest for additional comfort, and you can adjust the footrest to suit your preferred position. Put your refreshment in the drinks holder and use the bungee storage area for your personal items and gear to save room in the cockpit. 

This kayak measures 8feet 7 inches by 3 feet. and can hold a maximum of 400 pounds in weight. The kayak comes with a paddle that comes apart for easy storage and a high-pressure hand pump.


Goplus Inflatable Sit-On-Top Kayak, 1 Person Canoe w/Adjustable Aluminum Paddle & Footrest, Portable Recreational Rowboat Set w/Detachable Seat & Carrying Bag for Touring & Fishing (Blue)

This sit-on kayak is made from high strength fabric and is very sturdy. It can be inflated and deflated easily and comes with a waterproof bag which makes it easier to carry.

The adjustable pedal makes it simple for you to find a comfortable position and the ergonomically designed detachable seat with inflatable pad has a D shaped hook to support your back as you paddle. There is a bungee cord for improved safety and storage of personal items. 

This kayak has a maximum load capacity of 286 pounds. Included with the kayak is a length adjustable aluminium oar that floats in case you drop it in the water. It also comes with a fin, a hand pump, and a repair kit. 

The kayak comes in blue and white or yellow and white and weighs 36.4 pounds. It measures 10.8 feet by 32 inches by 8 inches.


Sea Eagle SE330 Inflatable Sports Kayak Pro Solo Package by Sea Eagle

This sturdy, stable kayak is perfect for fishing or exploring. It only takes 6 minutes to inflate and comes with a foot pump included. The integral 5 tube I-beam floor provides durability and stability.

It is light and portable, weighing just 26 pounds! This means it can seat two people but is light enough to be carried by just one person. 

The two rear skegs improve your speed, and are made from almost indestructible molded plastic. You can bump them along rocks without breaking them. 

This kayak is  11 foot 2 inches by 34 inches, with an interior size of  9 foot 6 inches by 15inches. It has a maximum capacity of 500 pounds.


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This two person kayak is made from super tough laminate PVC with a polyester core. The high pressure spring loaded valves make it easy to inflate and deflate, with an integrated drain plug.

The 3 chamber construction and high pressure inflation provide stability and safety, while the I-beam floor keeps the kayak rigid. 

There are two removable skegs, a directional skeg and an additional shallow water skeg. The removable seats have backrests and the foot rest is adjustable for ultimate comfort. There is also a removable seat booster. 

This kayak is perfect for fishing, with a mounting bracket for accessories like GPS systems and fish finders. There are also two integrated recessed fishing rod holders.

There is additional storage space in the bow and the stern and rust-resistant stainless steel D rings for tying down dry bags

Included with this kayak is a carry bag, a repair patch, a high output pump, a pressure gauge, and 86 aluminium oars. The kayak weighs 43.6 pounds and has a maximum load capacity of 400 pounds.


Intex Explorer K2 Kayak (Prior Model), Yellow, 2-Person

This streamlined kayak is designed for easy paddling and comfort, and is ideal for smaller bodies of water like lakes and gentle rivers. It has adjustable inflatable seats with backrests and there is plenty of room in the cockpit for two people.

There are grab handles on both ends for additional safety. The removable skegs provide directional assistance and the kayak is made from heavy duty puncture resistant vinyl.

There are 3 separate air chambers, so if one is punctured you will stay afloat. The boston valves allow for quick inflation and deflation. 

This kayak weighs 35 pounds and has a maximum load capacity of 400 pounds. Once inflated it measures 10 feet 3 by 3 feet by 1 feet 8 inches.

Included with the kayak is a high output pump, a carry bag, and a repair patch kit. There are also two 86 inch aluminum oars.


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This kayak is compact and durable and is suitable for single or tandem paddling. It has a pointed bow with rocker for performance and a removable deep tracking fin. The seats are comfortable with high back rests and bottle holders for your refreshments. 

The high volume sides add stability and the durable PVC and tarpaulin hull reduces the risk of punctures. There are three separate air chambers, so if one of them is punctured you can still stay afloat. 

It is easy to unfold and inflate the kayak and the rear drain plug allows for simple draining and cleaning. There are multiple grab handles for additional safety and bungee deck lacing for storage. 

The kayak weighs just 32 pounds and has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds.


Driftsun Almanor 146 Two Adult Plus one Child Inflatable Recreational Touring Kayak with EVA Padded Seats with High Back Support, Includes Paddles, Pump, Child Seat

This kayak is excellent for distance paddling and is best on gentler waters. The hull is made from polyester and has 24 gauge air bladders.

It is a lightweight product, weighing only 33 pounds but with an impressive maximum load capacity of 600 pounds. It can hold 2 adults and one child.

The padded seats have high backrests for additional comfort and can be adjusted into different positions.

It takes only 9 minutes to inflate this kayak, and it comes with a deluxe dual action pump. It also comes with a quick release fin, a travel back, removable footrests, a child seat, and 2 dual blade paddles. 


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This durable kayak is made from heavy-duty PVC with a tarpaulin bottom for extra protection from punctures.

There are multiple air chambers which means you can still afloat with a puncture. The boston valves are double threaded for easy inflation and deflation. 

The comfortable seats are adjustable to suit you and spray covers help to keep you dry as you paddle. There are carry handles to make it easier to get the kayak in and out of the water.

This kayak can fit three people and has a maximum load capacity of 490 pounds. It is lightweight to carry, weighing just 34.46 pounds. Once inflated, the kayak measures 12 foot 3 inches by 3 foot 1 inch.


This kayak can seat up to 4 people and has a maximum load capacity of 750 pounds, making it the highest capacity kayak on the list. It measures 107 inches by 60 inches.

The hull of the kayak is made from durable PVC polymer material. There is an outer ring, an inner ring and a double layer bottom with independent air bags, providing stability on the water and ultimate safety in the event of a puncture. 

The boston air valves make it easy to inflate and deflate the kayak. There is a bow handle and cable grip for safety, and a fishing pedestal for convenience. The kayak also comes with reinforced oars.

Best Inflatable Kayaks Buying Guide

Now that you know which products are available to you, how do you choose which kayak is right for you?

Best Inflatable Kayak

The first thing to consider is how many people will be in the kayak. If you are always going to be paddling solo then there is no point getting a large kayak- the smaller ones are lighter and cheaper.

If you are often alone, but will take a friend out with you sometimes, then choose a kayak that is suitable for solo or tandem paddling with a removable second seat. The next thing you will want to think about is what additional accessories you will need.

Some kayaks come without any extras, some come with paddles and others come with a range of extras like removable skegs, repair kits, pumps and carry bags.

One of the most important things to look out for in the features of your kayak is the safety measures. Is it made from puncture resistant material? Are there multiple air chambers to keep you afloat in case of a puncture? Does it have grab handles or cables?  

Best Inflatable Kayaks - FAQ's

How Do I Keep My Belongings Dry On A Kayak?

It is recommended to put your personal items in a drybag which can be attached to your kayak with bungee cords. Many kayaks have bungee storage areas for your items. If you take these precautions, then even if you capsize the kayak your items should stay safe and dry.

What Safety Gear Do I Need? 

You should always wear a life jacket when you go kayaking. It is also recommended to wear a helmet if you could come into contact with logs or rocks if your kayak capsizes. You might also consider high visibility clothing and a whistle. 

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