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If you enjoy kayaking, you are likely familiar with the struggle of trying to transport your kayak from your vehicle, house, or holiday spot to the water.

Not only are they quite weighty but their long shape can also make them quite an obstruction so you have to be cautious when trying to carry it. 

A kayak cart often referred to as a trolley provides the perfect solution. It will support the weight of your kayak and will allow you to pull it to your destination. The market is inundated with offerings from different brands and this can make it difficult to find the best one for you.

Below, we have selected and reviewed our top 5 picks of the best kayak carts available. We have also provided you with a buyer's guide with all of our top tips for selecting the best cart for your needs. 


Abn Universal Kayak Carrier – Trolley for Carrying Kayaks, Canoes, Paddleboards, Float Mats, and Jon Boats

The ABN Universal Kayak Carrier can support kayaks weighing up to 200 pounds. As a universal product, it can be used to transport paddle boards, canoes, and Jon boats.

It is fitted with 9-½” knobby tires which can travel over a variety of terrains such as gravel, sand, wooded areas, and concrete. They are also easy to inflate for greater user convenience. 

This is a durable carrier that has been constructed from strong high-strength anodized steel with plastic and rubber components. As such, it can endure the elements without becoming easily damaged.

It is also designed with foam bumper pads that will protect your kayak from scratches and dents caused by contact with the metal. 

Using the 12 foot tie-down strap you can secure your kayak in place. It also features a spring-loaded kickstand which makes it easier to load your kayak.

A great thing about this carrier is that it is very practical when it comes to storage. You can fold the frame and remove the tires for storage and transportation purposes. 


  • Cost - when compared to offerings from competitor brands, this is a pretty affordable kayak that is ideal for those on a budget.
  • Weight - as this is a lightweight cart, when collapsed it can easily be carried in a rucksack while you spend time on the water. 
  • Quality - this cart has been made using high quality, sturdy components, and parts.


  • Assembly - some customers have stated that the instructions were quite unclear which resulted in confusion when trying to put the cart together. 


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Are you looking for a kayak cart that is easy to assemble and disassemble with a generous weight capacity? If so, the Bonnlo Kayak Cart could be a great option for you.

Impressively, it can carry a kayak weighing up to 165 pounds and as it is universal, you can use it for float mats, paddleboards, and canoes. 

Impressively, this cart can be assembled without the need for any tools. You can also disassemble it with ease to take it with you as you head out into the water on your kayak.

Moreover, this is going to make it easier to store too as it will not be as bulky or space-consuming.

This cart features a spring loaded stand that is going to offer additional support, while keeping the cart propped open as you load your kayak onto it.

As for construction, the frame of this cart has been made from solid aluminum so it is going to withstand intense use without breaking.

It also has foam bumpers which will prevent your kayak from getting damaged along with rubber bumpers along the base which will keep it in place. 


  • Accessories - using the 7.75ft strap you can secure your kayak in place so you don’t have to worry about it falling off as you move the cart.
  • Maneuverability - the solid PU tires will allow you to transport the cart over a range of terrain without any problems. 
  • Durability - as the frame is constructed from aluminum it is going to refrain from rusting.


  • Kickstand functionality - unfortunately, a few customers have experienced issues with the kickstand as it is often prone to collapsing. 


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Uniquely designed, the RAILBLAZA Kayak/ Canoe Trolley Cart is not only visually pleasing but functional too. It has an impressive 300 pound weight capacity and you will be able to assemble it without having to use any tools.

Moreover, it can also be disassembled in a matter of seconds. As such, you can dismantle it so that it fits inside your kayak for convenient transportation. 

The puncture free tires have a high grip rubber tread that will allow you to maneuver the cart over all terrains without encountering any issues.

The components have been made from a reinforced composite material with thermos-bonded elastomeric hull pads and axles that have been made from stainless steel.

Furthermore, the C-TUG has been constructed from engineered polymers. All of these materials are rust and corrosion-resistant so they are not going to deteriorate in quality easily. 

Using the strap that you are provided with, you can secure your kayak or canoe to the trolley cart. This will make it easier for you to maneuver your vessel to different locations without there being a risk of it sliding off. 


  • Compatibility - the rubber pads can be adjusted to accommodate the majority of vessels regardless of their hull shape.
  • Quality - this is a sturdy cart that has been made from good quality materials.
  • Assembly - many customers have praised how easily this cart can be put together.


  • Cost - this cart retailers within a higher price range than most of the products that we have listed. Because of this, it may not be the best option for individuals on a budget.


TMS CART-CANOE/KAYAK-KY001 Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Tote Trolley

Retailing at an affordable price, this canoe and kayak cart from TMS is a budget-friendly option. It is not as heavy-duty as our previous picks as it can support kayaks weighing a maximum of 150 pounds.

Despite this, it is still a practical option. It has an aluminum pipe and a frame that has been constructed from anodized stainless steel. As such, it is going to deliver long-lasting use. 

Both of the arms feature foam bumpers that will protect your kayak from potential damage. It has also been designed with large flat free tires that are going to travel smoothly along sand, gravel, and other uneven surfaces.

Furthermore, the spring loaded stand will ensure that the cart remains propped open for convenient loading. 

Along with the cart you are provided with a tie-down strap that is 12 feet long. You can use this strap to secure your kayak to the cart so that it doesn’t move out of place as you make your way to and from your location. 


  • Weight - as this is a lightweight cart it isn’t going to be difficult to carry and maneuver. 
  • Convenience - you can fold this cart down when it is not in use which is convenient for storage purposes. 
  • Cost - this kayak cart is excellent value for money and significantly cheaper than many offerings from competitor brands.


  • Quality - the quality of the strap that you are provided with could be improved as it is designed with a mechanism that is not very usable. 


RAD Sportz Kayak Trolley Kayak Cart with Pneumatic Tires 150 LB Capacity Silver

Our final choice is this kayak trolley cart from the brand RAD Sportz. It is robustly designed and has a 140 pound weight capacity. Although it may not be suitable for overly heavy kayaks, it can be used to haul longer kayaks.

The frame has been coated from powder-coated aluminum and the tires are made from polyurethane. It also features polypropylene hubs with foam bumpers and a nylon strap. 

This cart has airless, puncture-resistant tires that are constructed from tough polyurethane plastic. As such, it is going to glide smoothly over a range of terrains.

Furthermore, it is also designed with a double kickstand that will keep the cart in a stable position as you mount and dismount your kayak. 

Not only is this cart lightweight but it can also be folded when it is not in use. This will make it more compactly sized and easier to store and transport.

The wheels can be removed using the release pins that you are provided with. You also have tie-down straps that can be used to secure your vessel to the cart. 


  • Components - this cart features rubber pads that are going to protect your kayak from breaking or getting damaged following contact with the metal. 
  • Weight - as this cart weighs a minimal 9 pounds, it is going to be easy to carry and maneuver. 
  • Assembly - this cart is easy to put together and you are provided with instructions to help you during the process.


  • Strap length - according to the reviews of several customers the strap is too short and this can make it difficult to work with.

Best Kayak Carts Buying Guide

Before investing in your kayak cart there are a few factors that you should consider. There are many different types available so it is important to make sure that you select the right cart for your needs.

Below, we have provided you with a handy buyer’s guide containing criteria that will help you during the purchasing process. 

Best Kayak Cart

The Weight Capacity

The product specifications will state the cart’s weight capacity. It is important to make sure that you adhere to this and do not overload it because a cart that is carrying too much weight is going to be difficult to maneuver. There is also a greater chance of the cart breaking. 

The Weight

Whilst it is important to consider the cart's weight capacity, you should also account for the weight of the cart itself. If your cart is overly weighty it is likely that you will find it hard to carry. 


The material that your cart has been made from is going to influence how long it lasts. You will find that the majority of frames are constructed from aluminum but there are a few that are made from composite materials or powder-coated steel.

Ideally, the frame should be rust and corrosion resistant especially if it is likely to come into contact with saltwater as there is a risk of it corroding. The material used to construct the frame must also be able to hold the weight of a heavy load. 

Quality Of The Wheels

A cart is supposed to make it easier to transport your kayak to and from your destination so it should be designed with good quality wheels. Consider the terrain that you are likely to be using the cart on.

The majority will be made from a solid material that glides over a range of terrain. Preferably they should be easy to inflate as this will consume less of your time and they should also be resistant to punctures. 


You will find that most carts are designed with a convenient spring-loaded kickstand. This will keep the cart in an upright position so that you can load and unload your kayak with ease.

Moreover, the majority of carts are also going to come with straps. You can use these straps to secure your kayak in place so that it doesn’t unexpectedly slide out of place as you move the cart. 

Storing The Cart

If you are limited on space you should choose a cart that is going to be easy to store. When assembled they are usually quite bulky.

You can disassemble and fold away most carts so that they are easier to transport in your vehicle and also easier to store when you are on the water.

In some instances, when folded your cart will be so compact that you will be able to carry it in a backpack. 

The Price

Kayak carts are a fairly affordable purchase, of course, you will find some that are more expensive than others. It is worth setting yourself a budget as you will then be able to cater your search towards this.

Do not be deterred by expensive price tags because you will find many budget-friendly kayak carts. 

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